Working at SLS

Scientific Lightning Solutions, LLC (SLS) was created in 2014 to bridge the gap between state-of-the-art lightning research and the lightning protection related products currently available in the marketplace. SLS has unmatched talent from the scientific, engineering, and lightning protection industries. In addition to proven experience solving many of the most complex lightning protection challenges, SLS has access to the world’s only live lightning test facility, proprietary analysis and design software, and exclusive fast-data acquisition and monitoring technologies and equipment.

To reinvent an industry, we have to build the best team. Join SLS if you want to bring groundbreaking lightning-related products to companies all over the world.

The successful candidates will be part of an in-house lean and efficient team comprised primarily of other engineers and scientists. You will interact remotely with external customers and help them to achieve success with software and hardware products by solving complex problems. Other aspects of the job may include software training, teaching, proof of concept development for clients, etc.

SLS’s plan is to add several engineering positions in 2016, so if you don’t see a position that fits your qualifications, please check back regularly.


Sales Associate

Titusville, FL

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