Scientific Lightning Solutions provides a full spectrum of lightning risk assessments. Risk evaluations can be performed for assets ranging from a single residence to highly sensitive critical military and aerospace infrastructure.

  • Simplified Risk Assessment – NFPA 780 – 2017

    This assessment fills the requirements of many jurisdictions for evaluating the need for a lightning protection system on a particular structure. SLS has developed proprietary software that quickly performs the risk assessment calculations required in compliance with NFPA 780. Input criteria include building dimensions, expected occupancy, construction material, location, etc.

  • Detailed Risk Assessment – NFPA 780

    SLS engineers perform the calculations required in the NFPA’s detailed risk assessment for structures where a higher level of risk analysis is required.

  • Monte Carlo 3D Risk Assessment

    SLS has developed proprietary custom 3D analytical software to quantify with high specificity the probability of direct strikes to every portion of a facility. This analysis can also model current distributions on structural assets.

The results of lightning risk assessments can be used during facility design, in order to ensure that areas in the facility that are most vulnerable to lightning strikes, are provided with appropriate lightning protection, shielding, bonding and grounding. Risk assessments can also be performed to evaluate risk to personnel in locations where staff might be required to work outdoors during thunderstorm conditions. Accommodations for protection from lightning are most easily accomplished during project design.