B-Dot Sensor and Magnetic Field Detector

Detect Lightning Magnetic Fields with Confidence

SLS offers our customers a compact, three-axis magnetic field derivative (B-dot) sensor for simultaneously detecting the horizontal and vertical components of lightning-radiated magnetic fields. These custom sensors are packaged in a rugged housing that will withstand prolonged exposure to harsh environmental conditions. Our 3-axis B-dot sensors are currently being used to detect lightning signals on NASA’s Mobile Launch Tower and inside NASA’s Orion crew capsule. The 3-axis B-dot sensor specifications are given below:

B-dot Mechanical Specifications

Part #: SR-BDT-1L-300
Construction: Fiberglass housing, 6061 aluminum base
Base Coating: Anodized
Mounting: Vertical, horizontal, pole-mount

B-dot Electrical Specifications

Sensitivity: 101.32 A/m/µs/V
Output: Differential
Connectors: Female N-type (6x)
Bandwidth: > 25 MHz (-3 dB)

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Our B-dot sensor is available in custom sizes. Amplification and/or integration electronics are available to meet your measurement requirements.

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Integrate B-dot Sensor with Jupiter TMS

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