Jupiter TMS: Mission-Proven Lightning and Transient Monitoring for Your Assets

Lightning can infiltrate your power infrastructure and sensitive electromechanical systems in many ways. Direct lightning strikes to your facility or assets pose an obvious hazard, but nearby strikes can be equally damaging, particularly if lightning signals are strongly coupled into power and other utilities that enter your facilities.

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Scientifically Proven Lightning Protection and Monitoring

Science-Based Lightning Protection for Critical Sites.

Industry-standard lightning protection and grounding systems effectively provide reliable protection for traditional structures. Yet, NFPA, LPI, and UL standards are not always sufficient to address the lightning protection and monitoring vulnerabilities of non-conventional facilities such as:

  • Aviation and space launch facilities
  • Shipyards and transportation infrastructure
  • Stadiums and special event venues
  • Wind turbine and solar farms
  • Mines and gas/oil production and storage
  • High-tech manufacturing facilities
  • Military installations

The size, complexity, value, and vulnerability of assets such as these require sophisticated, customized solutions that are based on advanced scientific knowledge, rigorous testing, and state-of-the-art engineering. They need, that is, the experience and expertise of Scientific Lightning Solutions, LLC. (SLS).

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Know with Confidence: Jupiter OLS Optical Lightning Surveillance

Jupiter OLS creates a new standard in precision lightning surveillance. Jupiter OLS is the world’s first site-specific lightning location system that detects 100% of lightning return strokes and pinpoints the locations of lightning strokes with unprecedented accuracy.

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Rocket-Triggered Lightning Testing

Scientific Lightning Solutions, LLC (SLS) has established an exclusive partnership with the University of Florida to conduct real lightning testing operations at the International Center for Lightning Research and Testing (ICLRT), the only triggered lightning facility in the United States where commercial real lightning experiments can be performed. SLS scientists and engineers possess more than 30 years of combined expertise in designing, implementing, and conducting triggered lightning experiments. The ICLRT is located on the Camp Blanding Army National Guard base east of Starke, Florida and occupies a secure land area of about 1 km2

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We Are Lightning Experts

The SLS Team has many decades of lightning monitoring, lightning protection, and lightning testing experience. We apply state-of-the-art lightning research to engineering solutions.

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