D-Dot Sensor

Accurately Detect Lightning Electric Fields

SLS offers our customers a sleek, weather-proof electric field derivative (D-dot) sensor for measuring lightning-radiated electric field changes. Our standard D-dot sensor is constructed from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum with a UV-resistant insulator. The sensor mechanical and electrical specifications are given below:

D-dot Mechanical Specifications

Part #: SR-DDT-101-GP-03
Insulator Material: UV-resistant Delrin
Sensing Element Coating: Anodized
Sensing Element Material: 6061 aluminum
Mounting: Horizontal, 1.5" NPT Pipe

D-dot Electrical Specifications

Sensing Plate Diameter: 0.2032 m
Sensitivity: 69.66 kV/m/µs/V
Connectors: Female N-type (1x)
Bandwidth: > 25 MHz (-3 dB)
Output: Single-Ended

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Our D-dot sensor is available in custom sizes. Amplification and/or integration electronics are available to meet your measurement requirements.

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