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Lightning Litigation Expert Witness and Consulting Services

Our scientists and engineers offer a wide spectrum of lightning expertise and knowledge. We provide expert witness services for lightning-related loss & lightning injury litigation.

People or property caught in the path of lightning typically experience property damage, fires, injuries, and even death. The stochastic behavior of lightning and the limited number of experts with an in-depth understanding of its behavior present problems for insurance companies, property owners, and family members attempting to sort out causation and effects.  

The SLS team of lightning expert consultants are experienced scientists and electrical engineers who can provide expert testimony and technical assistance in these cases. We have a thorough understanding of the physics of lightning. We are familiar with the latest research in the lightning field and can relay information about the causes and consequences of lightning strikes. 

Our team can help to determine the cause of a lightning strike, assess the damage it has caused, and offer guidance on how to prevent future occurrences. We also offer consultation services to assist with lightning-related litigation. Contact us today to speak with an expert engineer

SLS expertise includes:

Lightning Subject Matter Experts

SLS scientists and engineers are routinely called upon by NASA, the power generation industry, and the oil and gas industry for lightning witness consultation.  SLS' lightning subject matter experts are available to provide consultation and testimony regarding any lightning-related litigation.

Locate your local solutions engineer to discuss your needs for a lightning expert witness.


We Are Lightning Experts

The SLS Team has many decades of lightning monitoring, lightning protection, and lightning testing experience. We apply state-of-the-art lightning research to engineering solutions.

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