Industries Served

Scientific Lightning Solutions offers our state-of-the-art Jupiter line of products for lightning and transient monitoring in addition to a breadth of lightning-related services including lightning risk assessments, sophisticated lightning protection system design, lightning protection and grounding inspections, and real lightning testing. We design our products and services to exceed the requirements of both commercial and government industries. SLS couples our advanced scientific knowledge of lightning and our NASA engineering pedigree to satisfy all markets served, both nationwide and globally.

The applications for SLS products and services can vary depending on the industry served. Learn more about how our products and services are tailored to best serve the lightning-related needs of specific industries.

Power Plants

Power Plant Lightning Monitoring

Lightning-related equipment downtime, prolonged service outages, and hazards for power plant workers can be minimized via thorough lightning risk assessments, lightning monitoring systems, and proper lightning protection design.

Space Ports

Space Port Lightning Monitoring

Government and commercial launch providers have exacting requirements for lightning protection and monitoring of critical launch complexes, launch vehicles, and payloads.


Airport Lightning Monitoring

Lightning costs airports and airlines untold millions of dollars annually due to downtime from runway damage, lightning damage, and safety concerns for gate workers and travelers.

Fuel/Chemical Refineries & Storage Facilities

Refinery Lightning Monitoring

Lightning is responsible for storage tank fires worldwide due to inadequate or faulty lightning protection and grounding systems.

Military Installations

Military Lightning Monitoring

Critical military installations demand precision lightning detection and location systems in addition to advanced lightning protection systems for ordnance and non-typical structures.

Solar & Wind Farms

Solar & Wind Farm Lightning Monitoring

Solar and wind farms are highly-susceptible to lightning damage, requiring precision lightning location systems and prompt alerting when lightning-related transients compromise energy-harvesting electronic systems.

Data Centers

Data Center Lightning Monitoring

Datacenters cannot tolerate lightning-related downtime, demanding comprehensive lightning protection and grounding systems and real-time transient monitoring for critical power and communication systems.

Hi-Tech Manufacturing & Warehouse Facilities

Hi-Tech Facility Lightning Monitoring

Manufacturing and Warehouse facilities must protect their complex electromechanical assets and personnel from the direct and indirect effects of lightning, requiring a thorough evaluation of the lightning-related risks, tailored lightning protection systems, and robust transient monitoring on incoming power systems.

Communications Infrastructure

Communications Infrastructure Lightning Monitoring

Cellular and communications towers are highly vulnerable to lightning-related damage. State-of-the-art lightning and transient monitoring solutions promptly alert operators when potentially damaging direct or nearby lightning events occur.

Stadiums & Arenas

Stadium & Arena Lightning Monitoring

Outdoor stadiums and arenas bring together large concentrations of spectators. Lightning vulnerability can be minimized by thoroughly evaluating the lightning risk and implementing carefully designed lightning protection systems.

Water Treatment & Desalination Plants

Water Treatment Lightning Monitoring

Lightning-related service interruptions at desalinization plants prevent critical clean drinking water from being delivered to consumers, necessitating expert evaluation of lightning risk and precision lightning monitoring capabilities.


We Are Lightning Experts

The SLS Team has many decades of lightning monitoring, lightning protection, and lightning testing experience. We apply state-of-the-art lightning research to engineering solutions.

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