Expert Lightning Forensic Investigations

Expert Diagnosis for Lightning-Related Damage

Lightning is a naturally occurring phenomenon that can cause serious damage to property and pose a safety hazard to people. When Lightning strikes, it can cause fires, electrical outages, and even structural damage. Even if there is no visible damage, the electrical system may have been affected. A trained lightning forensics investigator can help to identify where vulnerabilities exist and make recommendations for repairs or upgrades. The investigator will carefully examine the building, looking for signs of damage such as burns, melted metal, or damaged wiring.  In addition, the investigator will interview witnesses and review any available video footage. By piecing together all of the evidence, the investigator can provide a comprehensive report that can help to ensure that your facility is properly protected against future lightning strikes. Contact us to discuss our lightning investigation services.

After Lightning Damage

Damage from direct or nearby lightning strikes can occur when your systems and assets are not protected by a properly designed lightning protection system. Lightning forensic investigations are conducted to determine the cause of the damage and to make recommendations for mitigating future risks. The investigation process begins with a site inspection to identify any potential hazards. Next, the investigators will gather evidence such as photos, videos, and eyewitness accounts. This evidence will then be used to reconstruct the event and determine the point of impact. After the investigation is complete, the findings will be compiled in a report which will be used to support insurance claims or Lightning litigation. 

Before Lightning Strikes

Using lightning forensics, our trained experts will carefully examine your facility or asset and determine where lightning vulnerabilities exist. We then follow up with scientifically-designed and proven lightning damage mitigation strategies to prevent recurring damage. After all, lightning does strike the same place twice.

  • Assessment of facilities/assets
  • Expert recommendations for proven strategies
  • Industry expertise in lightning protection consultation services

Expert Lightning Protection Consultants

Whether you are dealing with damage from a recent lightning strike or are trying to prevent future damage, it is important to consult with an expert in Lightning Forensics. Contact SLS today.

We Are Lightning Experts

The SLS Team has many decades of lightning monitoring, lightning protection, and lightning testing experience. We apply state-of-the-art lightning research to engineering solutions.

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