Lightning Protection & Grounding Inspections

Verifying the Integrity of Your Lightning Protection & Grounding Systems

An effective lightning protection system typically consists of three fundamental elements.

  1. Above ground strike objects (air terminals, catenary wires, structural metal), bonding connectors, and down conductors. Above ground lightning protection systems may be implemented as one or a combination of the following topologies: 
    • Bonded systems, where equipotential bonding connectors are established between the lightning protection system and all utilities, facility structural metal, etc. 
    • Isolated systems, where overhead catenary wires completely shield the assets below from direct lightning attachment.
  2. Below ground earthing conductors, counterpoise, and grounding grids
  3. Surge protective devices for electrical panels and electronics

In order for a lightning protection system to safely and quickly dissipate direct and indirect lightning currents and voltages, the integrity of all elements of the lightning protection system must be verified.

SLS designs highly-complex lightning protection systems for critical assets. Our team of experts know how lightning protection systems should be designed. We put this knowledge to work to ensure that your assets are sufficiently lightning-protected.

Lightning Protection Inspection

SLS engineers perform on-site visual inspections of your facility’s above ground lightning protection system. When necessary, visual inspections are accompanied by calibrated bonding measurements to ensure proper, low-impedance connections between all strike objects, bonding connectors, utilities, structural metal, and down conductors.

Grounding System Inspection

SLS engineers perform on-site visual inspections and measurements of your facility’s grounding system. Calibrated bonding impedance measurements are conducted between down-conductors and the grounding network. The overall grounding resistance of your structure is accurately measured. For new construction, ground resistivity measurements are conducted to determine what type and scale of grounding system will be most capable of safely and quickly conducting lightning currents to ground.

Surge Protection Inspection

SLS engineers inspect your facility’s electrical panels and peripheral electronics to ensure that properly dimensioned and installed surge protective devices (SPDs) are being utilized.

Lightning Protection & Grounding Inspections- The End Result

When SLS has completed inspections and measurements of your facility’s lightning protection and grounding system, we provide you with:

  • A custom, detailed report of our findings, including measurement values and illustrations
  • Recommendations for mitigating any lightning protection or grounding issues that were discovered during the inspections
  • Recommendations for improving surge protection of electrical panels and peripheral electronics
  • When necessary, refer you to a qualified, UL-Listed, LPI Certified lightning protection specialty contractor to perform required upgrades
  • When necessary, coordination for third-party certification of existing, modified, or newly-installed lightning protection systems for compliance with US standards such as NFPA-780, UL96A, and LPI175

Contact us today to schedule a site visit for the lightning protection experts at SLS to examine your existing or newly-installed lightning protection system.

We Are Lightning Experts

The SLS Team has many decades of lightning monitoring, lightning protection, and lightning testing experience. We apply state-of-the-art lightning research to engineering solutions.

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