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SLS provides our customers with a full spectrum of lightning risk assessment capabilities. We perform risk evaluations for assets ranging from small commercial facilities to critical military and aerospace infrastructure. Our team of expert engineers conducts meticulous lightning risk assessments, delving deep into potential vulnerabilities specific to the facility and its operational needs. By identifying critical risks and weaknesses, we offer comprehensive recommendations to enhance resilience against lightning, to help ensure uninterrupted operational effectiveness for even the most challenging projects and installations. Reach out to our team of experts for lightning-related services.

Why Are Lightning Risk Assessments Important for You?

  • Incorporate appropriate lightning protection, shielding, bonding and grounding during the design phase of new construction
  • Accurately evaluate the effectiveness of existing lightning protection systems
  • Evaluate risk to personnel in locations where they might be exposed to thunderstorm conditions and design an effective lightning-safety plan for impacted personnel while maximizing productivity
  • Determine the probability at which high-valued assets will be exposed to direct lightning strikes and lightning damage

  • This animation allows our consultants at SLS to understand where areas of the building may be subject to lightning risk. It can help designers to accurately place air terminals or detection devices on a building to best protect them.


As lightning risk assessment experts, we comply with:

  • IEC-62305-2 lightning protection standards
  • NFPA 780, which contains simplified and detailed risk assessment criteria for performing lightning risk assessments. 

Simplified Risk Assessment - NFPA 780 - 2017

This assessment fills the requirements of many jurisdictions for evaluating the need for a lightning protection system on a particular structure.

SLS has developed proprietary software that quickly performs the risk assessment calculations required in compliance with NFPA 780 (Simplified Risk Assessment Tool). Input criteria include building dimensions, expected occupancy, construction material, location, etc.



Detailed Risk Assessment - NFPA 780 - 2017

SLS engineers perform the calculations required in the NFPA’s detailed risk assessment for structures where a higher level of risk analysis is required.

The detailed risk assessment accounts for factors including all incoming and outgoing utilities to a given structure, coordinated installation of surge protective devices (SPD), cable shielding and bonding, and the facility grounding topology, among others.


Lightning Risk Assessment - IEC-62305-2

BS IEC-62305-2's risk management approach focuses on the risk of economic loss, loss of human life, cultural heritage, and service to the public caused by a lightning discharge.

SLS engineers perform the calculations detailed in the IEC's risk assessment procedure to evaluate the lightning risk to structures and personnel.





Monte Carlo 3D Risk Assessment

Monte Carlo simulation is a computerized mathematical technique for incorporating risk into quantitative analysis and decision-making. It is used by engineers to identify all the possible outcomes of specific decisions and assess the impact of risk, allowing for better decision-making under uncertainty. 

SLS has developed proprietary 3D analysis software based on the Monte Carlo model to quantify the probability of direct lightning strikes, along with the peak current distribution of those strikes, to every portion of your facility.

This software, which exceeds the requirements of all accepted standards, provides customers with valuable data that cannot be obtained through traditional risk assessments. SLS utilizes this revolutionary software package to highlight lightning vulnerabilities at your facility that may not have otherwise been identified.


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The SLS Team has many decades of lightning monitoring, lightning protection, and lightning testing experience. We apply state-of-the-art lightning research to engineering solutions.

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