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From operating household appliances to connecting global businesses, electricity is pivotal to modern society. Large power plants have been built to supply energy, and they are often required to operate around the clock to fulfill energy demands. Scientific Lightning Solutions, LLC offers power plants lightning monitoring to assess unplanned events.

While power plant managers have a keen eye for process optimization, workplace safety, and incident response, lightning strike preparedness might get overlooked. These unplanned events can damage facilities and equipment, disrupt work, and even cause injury or death to process-critical employees. A prolonged service outage from lightning strikes can negatively impact the community that a power generation facility is designed to serve.

Safeguard your power plant assets with innovative lightning solutions from Scientific Lightning Solutions. A global leader in lightning science, protection and engineering, we can resolve the most complex lightning-related challenges. 

Lightning impacts on power plants 

power plants lightning protectionLightning discharges contain tremendous amounts of electrical energy. A direct strike impact is immediately apparent because it often results in damaged buildings, scarred trees, and personal injury or death. 

A secondary lightning strike effect is short-duration, high-voltage spikes known as transient over-voltages. These events can cause equally catastrophic, if less visually obvious, damage to electrical systems and electronics inside power plants.  The damage is often associated with Inadequate shielding and bonding that results in excessive and damaging electro-motive forces (emf) across interfaces or equipment due to nearby or direct lightning strikes.  This can result in the following issues.

  • Equipment repair, maintenance or complete replacement
  • Extended downtime
  • Lost production throughput
  • Reduced revenues
  • Unsatisfied customer base 

And then there’s stress. Increased downtime strains both equipment and employees. The stress from lightning-strike downtime can prevent a power generator’s workforce from functioning as eÔ¨Éciently as possible.

Lightning protection leader 

The best way to minimize lightning strike impacts is to be prepared. Scientific Lightning Solutions offers a range of innovative lightning consulting services and monitoring products for the power generation industry and its service providers. 

Our lightning risk assessment and lightning protection inspection services identify any lightning-related vulnerabilities at a power generation facility. The identified risks and vulnerabilities can then be addressed through proper lightning protection, proper shielding/bonding of power, control, and instrumentation systems, and lightning safety measures. This safeguards the facility from physical damage or costly downtime as a result of thunderstorms.

Precision lightning monitoring equipment alerts power plant operators of lightning strikes that are in the area of or directly impacting a facility or process. This real-time actionable evidence allows facility supervisors to take a proactive approach to maintenance or inspections.

SLS’ lightning monitoring products are manufactured from aerospace-grade and mil-spec components to ensure operational longevity even with prolonged exposure to harsh environments.

Keep powering society

Reducing downtime is key to every power producer. Facilities that know a lightning-capable storm is building can take preventative measures to ensure the safety of critical structures, equipment, and workers. Power plants that invest in proven lightning resilient topologies and configurations can normally operate during thunderstorms.

Although there are numerous “new technologies” being advertised and heavily marketed to “eliminate” the lightning hazard to power plants and other critical facilities, these technologies have failed to meet the vendor’s claimed performance. There are documented power plant lightning-related impacts to facilities that have invested large amounts of money on these “new technologies,” and as expected, the unfounded vendor’s claims have been proven wrong.

Keep lightning strikes from negatively impact your power generating capabilities with help from Scientific Lightning Solutions. We have you covered. 

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