SLS Appoints Manufacturer’s Representatives

SLS Appoints Manufacturer’s Representatives

SLS Appoints Manufacturer’s Representatives

Scientific Lightning Solutions Appoints Manufacturer’s Representatives to Serve Customers in United States and Middle East

— Experienced Sales Organizations to Support Industry-leading Lightning Monitoring and Surveillance Systems that Protect Critical Infrastructure —

Titusville, FL – March 30, 2021– Scientific Lightning Solutions (SLS), the market technology leader in lightning science, analysis, engineering, and protection, announces it has appointed four manufacturer’s representatives to meet the needs of its growing customer base. The firms support SLS products, including the Jupiter Transient Monitoring System (TMS) and Optical Lightning Surveillance (OLS), as well as its consulting and design services. SLS systems meet the needs of oil & gas and power generation companies, as well as large manufacturing and data warehouse facilities who require large electrical transient monitoring and surveillance.

The new manufacturer’s representatives serve the United States and Middle East. Each has decades of technical sales and support experience and brings a commitment to customer service and technical expertise.

Precision Marketing, Inc. – Founded in 1974, Precision Marketing represents SLS east of the Rocky Mountains. Precision Marketing is a strategic resource and provides customers with the service and solutions they deserve. Its primary market focus is wireless infrastructure, military/aerospace, industrial/medical, and test & measurement.

Aztec Enterprises, Inc. – Representing SLS in the Rocky Mountain States, Aztec is a premier organization selling test instruments, systems, specialized components, and board-level products. It is servicing customers in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. It is also responsible for El Paso, Tx.

Tecon - Specialized Engineering Solutions – Serving Middle Eastern countries Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates (UAE), Tecon is part of the Albatha Engineering Group. Tecon has been offering dedicated and client-focused service since 1975. It has a reputation for service, safety, and quality and is considered one of the region’s largest and most respectable electrical/engineering equipment providers.

Petrotec – Established in 1989, Petrotec is one of the largest providers of products and services to the energy industry in Qatar. With approximately 600 employees representing 31 nationalities, the organization is a leader in the fastest growing energy sector in the Middle East. Petrotec clients receive comprehensive specialized engineering support from its local team to supplement and enhance supplier relations.

Innovative Lightning Monitoring and Surveillance Systems

The manufacturer’s reps will sell and support the SLS Jupiter TMS, which is the first solution of its kind to provide zero dead time recording with 100% transient detection efficiency. TMS provides continuous unattended monitoring, accurate measurement, and automated reporting for transient signals that may compromise sensitive and high- value assets. Automated real-time alerts, reporting, and characterization of recorded transient events are provided to protect critical power, communication, data, and control lines.

SLS also developed the Jupiter OLS. The world’s first site-specific high-speed video lightning monitoring system, it provides 100% detection efficiency – capable of pinpointing the strike locations with unprecedented accuracy. It features a state-of-the- art, zero dead time high-speed image acquisition and processing system that automatically detects, records, time-tags, analyzes, and reports all lightning discharges within the field of view of the camera.

The SLS consulting services, which solve lightning challenges for companies of all sizes, will also be supported by the manufacturer’s reps. SLS’s experienced team of engineers offers comprehensive risk analysis to protect property, ensure personnel safety and reduce lightning-related productivity downtime.

About Lightning Solutions

Scientific Lightning Solutions, LLC (SLS) is a global leader in lightning science, analysis, engineering, and protection. The company has designed monitoring systems for all major U.S, space launch facilities and uses that experience to develop superior lightning-related products and consulting services for commercial applications. Systems provide timely, ground-truth, and reliable data for quick asset inspection following a lightning strike - before catastrophic failures occur.

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The SLS Team has many decades of lightning monitoring, lightning protection, and lightning testing experience. We apply state-of-the-art lightning research to engineering solutions.

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