Lightning Protection System Design for Complex Structures

Sophisticated Lightning Protection Design for Your Complex Structures

At SLS, we design custom lightning protection systems and solutions for complex structures, facilities, and assets to provide maximum protection against lightning discharges. Our sophisticated Standards+ Lightning Protection System Design tool suite offers specialized capabilities, including proprietary 3D simulation tools to target the specific lightning vulnerabilities of complex structures.

Critical structures that lack properly designed lightning protection systems are at risk for both structural damage and damage to electrical and electromechanical systems, jeopardizing the integrity of the asset and disrupting operations. If your structure is not properly lightning protected, our expert engineers can help. We provide in-depth lightning risk analysis and lightning protection system design strategy to ensure that especially vulnerable facilities are effectively protected.


Existing national standards (NFPA 780, UL96A, IEC 62305) for the design of external lightning protection systems provide general guidelines for addressing lightning protection on traditional structure geometries.  For many of today’s complex structures and installations, comprehensive lightning protection can only be achieved by applying more advanced techniques to augment the standard guidelines.

SLS offers our customers the Standards+ Smart Lightning Protection System Design capability to address these specialized challenges.  Our Standards+ tool suite is applicable to the design of lightning protection systems for new construction and the modification of lightning protection systems on existing structures. Contact us to discuss our custom-designed lightning protection systems and solutions.


  • Utilizes a 3D rolling sphere simulation tool to illustrate lightning-vulnerable regions on a high-resolution 3D model of your unique structure
  • Adds 3D models of the lightning protection system to your structure model, and iteratively repeats the lightning vulnerability tests until the required level of protection is achieved
  • Uses Monte Carlo technique to calculate the probability of direct lightning attachment to a detailed 3D model of your structure and lightning protection system
  • Calculates the polarity and peak current distributions of lightning events attaching to your structure

SLS uses the Standards+ tool suite to design and validate complex lightning protection systems for various large-scale utilities, chemical storage facilities, and oil & gas infrastructure.  In addition, SLS applies Standards+ for designing catenary wire lightning protection systems for space launch complexes operated by NASA and commercial space flight providers, including SpaceX and Blue Origin. These mission-proven, innovative tools will work for you too.

SLS’ engineers use advanced engineering techniques and proprietary software models to design and oversee the implementation of a complete array of lightning protection and monitoring solutions. Our lightning protection design capabilities are applicable to a wide range of industries:

Customized Lightning Protection Systems

SLS will oversee the design and installation of tailored lightning protection systems are that are meticulously designed and installed to provide robust defense against lightning strikes. By employing advanced engineering techniques and incorporating surge protection devices, we safeguard critical infrastructure, sensitive data storage systems, and explosive materials from lightning's destructive force. Our comprehensive approach encompasses both direct and indirect lightning strike protection, minimizing equipment damage, downtime, and the associated financial burdens.

Contact us today for more information regarding our custom-designed lightning protection systems and solutions. Let’s discuss how the specialized capabilities of the Standards+ lightning protection design tool suite can be applied to ensure that your structure is lightning protected.

We Are Lightning Experts

The SLS Team has many decades of lightning monitoring, lightning protection, and lightning testing experience. We apply state-of-the-art lightning research to engineering solutions.

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