Hi-Tech Manufacturing & Warehouse Facilities

Manufacturing and warehousing managers rely heavily on automation to improve efficiency and reduce costs. While robotic machinery boosts production throughout, failing to implement comprehensive lightning protection measures may increase vulnerability to lightning strikes, having the complete opposite effect.

Protect hi-tech manufacturing and warehousing facilities with Scientific Lightning Solutions, a global leader in lightning science, lightning protection, and engineering.  SLS combines advanced sensing and monitoring equipment with expert consultation to solve complex lightning-related challenges and guarantee that your facilities maintain the highest productivity levels in the most severe lightning environments. 

Dangers Of Lightning

Lightning discharges contain incredible amounts of electrical energy. A direct strike’s impact is quickly apparent, causing physical damage to facilities and equipment. Other effects include personal injury or death. 

Secondary effects of a lightning strike are short-duration, high-voltage or high-current spikes called transients or surges. These events can cause equally catastrophic, if less visually obvious, harm to electrical and mechanical systems and hardware.

Lightning Effects On Hi-Tech Manufacturing And Warehousing

Lightning effects on hi-tech manufacturing and warehousing facilities can occur both inside and outside the facilities.  Nearby or direct lightning strikes generate excessive electro-motive forces, or EMFs, which can infiltrate power and communications systems.  The result is often damage to internal electrical interfaces or automated equipment where proper shielding and bonding measures have not been implemented. 

Automated warehousing and distribution centers also accommodate continuous truck traffic in the exterior loading docks and shipping/receiving areas. Without proper protection measures and clearly defined safety procedures, the electronic equipment used to scan the trucks, the truck drivers, and the loading dock personnel are all at potential risk from direct lightning strikes and induced lightning-related effects.


The interior and exterior lightning risk factors result in the following issues:

  • Loss of Productivity
  • Lost Inventory Quantity And Location Data
  • Increased Downtime
  • Safety Hazards and Personnel Injury
  • Equipment Repair or Replacement
  • Reduced Revenues 
  • Unsatisfied Customer Base 

Lightning Protection For Hi-Tech Manufacturing & Warehouse Facilities 

Preparation is the best way to curtail lightning strike effects. Scientific Lightning Solutions offers a range of consulting services and monitoring products for hi-tech manufacturing and warehousing facilities to maintain the highest levels of productivity, minimizing downtime and lightning-related damage. 

Our lightning risk assessment and protection inspection services identify any lightning-related vulnerabilities at hi-tech manufacturing or warehousing locations. Proper bonding, shielding, and the quality of grounding systems are evaluated, verified, and modifications are recommended if needed. Detailed lightning risk assessments can be performed, if necessary, to identify and quantify risk to outline previously unknown liabilities (to equipment, infrastructure, and personnel) and propose methods to strengthen reliability, safety, and performance. 

Get Ahead Of The Storm

SLS manufactures equipment that senses and monitors nearby and direct lightning strikes, as well as electromagnetic transients (currents and voltages). This real-time evidence allows decision-makers to proactively monitor surges that may compromise automated equipment or robotic machinery. The ground-truth data also confirms that protective measures are working as expected.

All lightning monitoring products are manufactured using ruggedized components and EMI best-practices. This ensures operational longevity even with prolonged exposure to the harshest climatological and EMI environments.

Operate With Confidence

Manufacturing is integral for economic success. Productivity is critical to gain an advantage in a competitive marketplace.

Keep lightning strikes from interrupting hi-tech manufacturing and warehousing processes with assistance from SLS. We handle all the lightning security legwork, so you can focus on what you do best. 

Contact us for more information about our tailored products and services for hi-tech manufacturing & warehouse facilities. Our experts are happy to discuss the unique requirements of your facility in greater detail. 

We Are Lightning Experts

The SLS Team has many decades of lightning monitoring, lightning protection, and lightning testing experience. We apply state-of-the-art lightning research to engineering solutions.

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