GPS/IRIG Timecode Generator

Affordable Precision Timing for Your Systems

Many of today's data acquisition systems, high-speed cameras, and remote sensing devices benefit from the addition of precision timing for correlating the outputs of systems that may be operating in different geographic locations. Existing time-code generation devices are large, power-hungry, and expensive. SLS engineers have developed the JT-D01 GPS-Disciplined IRIG-B Timecode Generator to provide a compact, affordable timing solution that delivers precision timing to your systems.

The SLS JT-D01 Timecode Generator provides the user with an IRIG-B007, DC level-shift output in addition to a precision GPS 1 pulse-per-second (PPS) output. The standard configurations include an integrated patch antenna, requiring no external antenna connection. Basic technical specifications of the JT-D01 are given below. Please view our product Datasheet and User Manual for more detailed specifications.

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage: 4.5 - 18 VDC
Current Consumption: 60 - 160 mA
Operating Temperature: -20°C - 75°C
1 PPS Timing Accuracy: <= 20 ns

Configurations Options

SLS presently offers our customers the JT-D01 Timecode Generator in three configurations:

  1. Custom Circuit Board - Includes only the custom circuit board with integrated antenna and no external housing
  2. With Non-Environmental Housing -Pictured, includes the custom circuit board in a non-environmental, rugged plastic housing with integrated antenna
  3. With Environmental Housing -Includes the custom circuit board in a sealed 6061 aluminum environmental housing with connection for an external antenna


Contact SLS today to discuss your timing requirements and to obtain more information on our innovative timing solutions.

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